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Here you can Gain free followers, get a free follow button in the #FollowBackBook and you and get lots of followers


This is the # TEAMFOLLOWBACK program. Come and join us. And I assure you at least 1000 followers a day (and counting) if you follow the instructions carefully. Get yourself into the TEAMFOLLOWBACK BOOK.

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Instructoins to Gain followers:


  • Follow @FollowBackBook and retweet the tweets, follow everyone who retweets

and they follow you back.


  • Create a Follow button in the "Book of TeamFollowBack.

You can create them here or click the menu.


users that created a follow me button. They will follow you back!


a private message to let me now. and get rewarded with a #SHOUTOUT


  • Promote your follow button, copy and paste the link and tweet about it.

Or you can use the tweet buttons on the site.


  • Retweet the tweets that we show on the bottem ofthe website!





Click the book to get acces to the team followbackbook

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  1. Create a Free follow button in the TeamFollowBack Book. The button is absolutly free and you can register once. Please use the form next here to create your free button.



Twitter name without @


I accept that publish a button with my twitter name.

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