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Website with multiple free tools to increase your twitter followers


Free Twitter tool #1 - Hootsuite


You can choose the-publishing date and time, add attachment and set location and schedule your tweets using the options in HootSuite, as shown in the screenshot below.

Free Twitter tool #2 - TWEROID


Gives you hourly graphs of when your followers are online the most during a 24 hour cycle. It also gives you separate graphs for weekends, Sundays, Mondays and weekdays.

Free Twitter tool #3 - Klout


Apart from creating and scheduling tweets, you can measure your twitter profile performance with a special Klout score over a period of time. Shown below is a sample Klout score graph.

Free Twitter tool #4 - Twilert


Twitter version of Google alerts, it sends email alerts everytime someone mentions the “exact phrase”, @mentions, #hashtag, tweets that are near a location or in a certain language, tweets that includes retweets, emoticons and tweets that filter links and many more, that you have set for your profile.

Free Twitter tool #5 - Tweetreach


Track tweets containing your Twitter handle, keyword or hashtag. Get extensive TweetReach report of how far your Twitter handle, keyword or hashtag has reached (as shown in the screenshot above).

Free Twitter tool #6 - Followerwonk


Research Twitter influencers in any niche.

Free Twitter tool #7 - Simplymeasured


Get extensive analysis of your followers on aspects such as top keywords in follower profiles, follower distribution by date of last tweet, follower distribution by time zone and more.

Free Twitter tool #8 - Twrtland


Unlike Twitter analytic tools mentioned above, this tool gives a unique blend of visually optimized information about your Twitter brand page analysis. You can invite brand advocates from among the top followers in your list (as shown in the screenshot sample above), identify influencers in your locality and identify top domains that are shared on your brand page.

Free Twitter tool #9 - Sentiment140


Let’s you find out positive and negative sentiment percentage towards any brand or keyword. It also highlights the tweets that mention the brand or keyword in green and faint red, depending upon the sentiment expressed.

Free Twitter tool #10 - RiteTag

Hashtag grader for hashtags in your tweets. Colored hashtags give indication of how good (blue), great (green), grey(unused) or overused (red) they are.

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